CREAK – “Bitter Picture”

Debut EP: Bitter Picture
Release: 01.08.20

Straight out of Newcastle, CREAK reappears on the radar to conquer the airways with their tantalizing spin on the metalcore/post-hardcore genre with their new EP, Bitter Picture. Displaying ample talent and affinity for blessing our speakers with hits, we can be sure we are in for a treat.

Our journey begins with Overture, which is but a starter song for the record. With heavy distorted sawing noises layered under metallic percussion and static sounds, we are eased into the world of Bitter Picture.

In Confidence hits us like a truck and sets the tone for what is to come. A groove at a pace that boils blood and feeds excitement makes up most of the song. Continuously taking it up 2 notches in intensity and dropping it back one, resetting the listener in a perpetual build up. The methods employed by CREAK here shows some serious ingenuity.

It would be great if the build-up would eventually hit some sort of epic climax though, right? Well, don’t threat, it does. And does it ever. Enter our next song, Eyes Without a Face. It puts those afore mentioned “what was that?” moments wholly in the spotlight. The entire song is filled with tempo switches that will, as intended, catch listeners completely off guard first time around. Backed by a dissonant siren sound fuelling an absolutely incredible energy. This is not even mentioning the flashes of screeching noises to add to the theme of “expect the unexpected”.

Sullen is up next, and even though it follows more predictable structures it is definitely no push over. Almost a culmination of both the previous two tracks, in that it is mostly a heavy post-hardcore groove with some frantic twists and turns.

We replenish our senses with a beautiful ambient interlude in A Spiralling Thought. A quick break for the listener to catch a breather and bask in the atmosphere, before we get back in the pit with the next track.

At Fault starts off with a quiet intro breaking into the groovy chaos, that by now, I can just not get enough of. Progressive metal influenced riffs moulded with the crazy innovation of CREAK, gives us with a glimpse of what these guys can do when playing on the edge of their more established style and sound.

We are at the end of our journey. We have reached the final and title track of the EP – Bitter Picture. Besides the interlude, this is the most atmospheric song on the record. Massive sounding synths backdrop the majority of the song, with groove rhythms, amazing riffs and chords, build ups and even an ambient interlude trialed earlier on the EP shows up in a huge way on this track. A deserved title honour, as Bitter Picture is the epitome of what was a fantastic journey and record.

Stretching just under 18 minutes long, I cannot recommend enough giving this record a good listen. It was just “wow!” at my first listen.

 –  Franco Rootman (The Basic Human Principle)

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