The Rupees – “Mother Said” (new single)

The Rupees
Single: Mother Said
Release: 28.08.20
Video Release: 28.09.20

Mother Said is the new single from Bristol based Electronic Rock and Rollers The Rupees.

The song builds slowly from the start with just clean guitar, vocals and the thumping of the bass drum, the vocals of Ryan Tucker remind me a little bit of Greta Van Fleet or Robert Plant which is really nice and blends well with the anthemic and moving music.

The band talk about the song being partly about regret and worldly wisdom between a mother and son, which I really get a feel throughout the verses like a young man knowing he’s made mistakes and needing his mother’s guidance, almost like coming home with your tail between your legs.

The choruses allow for the band to show off their electronic side bringing the synth in more prominently as well as distorted guitar, really lifting the song.

Mother Said is a real indie ballad, it’s a beautiful song both musically and lyrically that shows the love and compassion which will always be held between a mother and son, in spite of any mistakes that might be made along the way.

– Chris Brain

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