Jordan Red – “Hands That Built The World”

Hands That Built The World
New Single by Jordan Red
Release: 14.08.20

London based Alternative Rock and metal group Jordan Red have just released their third single Hands That Built The World, following up from previous releases Beautiful Monsters and Don’t Let The Heavens Fall, both of which received support from Planet Rock, Loudwire as well as others and you can expect their new release to follow suite.

The song kicks off with a big sound that kind of blows you away before the song settles down allowing the vocals to drive home the story of the song. That story seems to me of being lost, almost not knowing what to make of the world. With lyrics such as “you send us all to war and we’re the face of suicide” and “lost children of the world and our hearts are bleeding” doesn’t give me the feeling of actually being sent off to war but more of battling with yourself, with the struggles of the world and trying to make it through the day and generally feeling lost in oneself.

Moving into the chorus, we return to the same blow you away big sound the song opened with, with the message “we weren’t born to surrender” giving a light of hope to anyone that may be going through mental health challenges.

The vocals of frontman Dan Leigh through the chorus are so powerful really lift this song up and mixed with the thumping bass drum and accompanying bass line really drive the song and give it a great energy.

The guitarist Dan Baker tells us about the song, ”We wrote this for everyone out there that feels beaten and broken down by the world. Hands That Built The World was written during what seemed like an endless struggle with depression. Ultimately, this is a song about survival. It’s about acting with strength when you feel weak and finding power when you’re powerless. When the walls around you feel like they’re closing in, you need to have the belief that you can fight your way out.”

Hands That Built The World is a really good song, it has a lot of energy through the choruses yet pulls it back through the verses to give the lyrics room to tell the story. I can’t wait to hear what else Jordan Red have lined up.

– Chris Brain

Jordan Red are consisted of the frontman Dan Leigh and the guitarist Dan Baker, as well as featuring Conor O’Keefe and Dave Fee of As Lions (Eleven Seven Music) in the recordings. This new single is mixed and mastered by Romesh Dodangoda (Bring Me The Horizon, Bullet For My Valentine & Don Broco).

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