Dissonants – “Forget to Forgive” (new single)

Single: Forget to Forgive
Release: 23.10.20

Southampton based metalcore/post-hardcore unit Dissonants released something tantalizingly different recently in their new single Forget to Forgive.

A group defined by alternative rock rhythms and hard-hitting screams, Dissonants decided to play to their strengths and double down on their rock roots, and the result is something truly special.

Sticking to a catchy rhythm foundation with sick little drum fills, spiced up with ambient leads and striking bass tones, the song creates an uplifting mood that is easy to get into and enjoy.

For vocals, they opted to go pure rock and only do cleans. This is never an easy decision with how divided fans can be about it, but when done this fluently it makes no difference. Dissonants are experts at the soaring emotional vocal sections, and how to bring out the most in them, so one can be assured it’s going to be done right.

In Forget to Forgive, we get a heartfelt message wrapped up delicately in mood-boosting rock music. A beautiful song through and through, I would especially recommend it to any rock enthusiast as an entry to Dissonants and their versatility.

Franco Rootman (The Basic Human Principle)

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