Jonny Ash – “Eclipse” (debut single)

Jonny Ash
Single: Eclipse

Eclipse is the debut single from Wrexham based indie rockers Jonny Ash. They were formed by the lead guitarist Pete Roberts and the bassist Phil Marsh in 2018, and the band was finally completed the line-up with Cal Gaughran (vocals/rhythm guitar) and  Mike Jones (drums) early 2020.

Eclipse starts off with a soft atmospheric strumming guitar before the drums build the song into a nice distorted lead guitar pulls you into the song.

The verses are quite calm yet they bring a real happy feeling inside, it might be the anticipation that you know the chorus is going to kick in soon and bring back the distorted guitar sound to really lift the energy of the whole song.

The whole song has a real 90’s brit pop/indie rock vibe to it yet it still feels so modern and fresh. The heavy use of reverb works perfectly in all aspects of the song and really takes you away with the song. Jonny Ash takes influence from bands such as Stone Roses and Oasis which I can definitely see in their music, I would even throw in The Lightning Seeds and James into the equation.

If you’re a fan of any of the aforementioned bands, then definitely check out Jonny Ash and if not, I’m sure you’ll still enjoy. It’s a really great sound that has really put me into a good mood. Hopefully plenty more to come from them in the coming months.

  –  Chris Brain

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