Blight Town – “Blight Town” (self-titled EP)

Blight Town
EP: Blight Town
Release: 16.07.2021

Nottingham progressive post-hardcore math rock 5 piece Blight Town have released their self titled debut EP.

Blight Town smashes straight into things with Frostilicus. The hard hitting drums just grab you straight away. There is no slow build into the music of Blight Town, it very much grabs you from the first beat, letting you know this is something big, which is only solidified by the opening lyrics “You need to listen to us right now”.

As the first verse hits, you’re instantly introduced to the technical and intricate guitar work by guitarist Manuel Gardener Fernandes (also of Unprocessed). Although it sounds very technical, it kind of takes you away on a wave, there’s no analysing the notes, just pure joy as you flow with the track.

Frostilicus is such a great opener to Blight Town, it seems like the band are showing you so much that they can do and it’s only getting started. Something I really enjoy here are the vocals, touching on Dance Gavin Dance through some of the verses, a particular highlight personally is after the second chorus with the shouting against clean vocals which brings out a much more raw side vocally to the track, bringing an almost punky touch.

Blight Town has been a long time coming, with track two being the bands debut single release from back in 2019. Despite being released nearly 2 years ago, Jejunum doesn’t feel out of place for a second.

The track opens with pulled back guitar before the bass comes in showing that it’s not just the guitarists that are incredibly talented. The bass seems to follow a lot of what the guitar does. But in the intro, it’s on full display.

Jejunum continues through more brilliant guitar work and some more of the harsher vocals which builds brilliantly into a calming breakdown. It’s almost like a rollercoaster ride, they build you up through the beginning before holding you at the top for a calm before the hard hitting storm comes to take you through to the end.

Argument Bargument is another released track and is the third track on Blight Town’s self-titled EP. Starting off with a very calming atmospheric guitar which almost makes you forget the amazing energy Blight Town have brought you so far. As the track kicks in, you are filled with more subtle technicality from the band and just more feel good head bouncing as long as you’re able to keep up with time signatures.

The final track on Blight Town is another previously unreleased track Don’t Touch Me I’m Covered In Poisons. Although still very technical, this track seems to push more on the Post-Hardcore side of Blight Town. It still has the same intricacies and energy, but it feels more like they are trying to bring out the raw side of the vocals which feature a lot more of the shouting than previous songs. The track is almost reminiscent of early Enter Shikari, with the punchy drums, raw vocals and heavy riffs with the subtle intricacies which through this EP have become commonplace for Blight Town.

When you hear words like Math Rock or Progressive, it is easy for many people to become disinterested or scared off, they are niche sub-genres. However regardless of your musical background, I urge you to check out Blight Town’s debut EP, it’s not just “strange” time signatures, it’s not 4/4, but it’s easy to follow and bounce to, everything works so brilliantly together and it’s full to the brim with spectacular technical guitar and energy! These are 5 phenomenal musicians, making phenomenal music.

  –  Chris Brain

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Stream/Download “Blight Town” EP via iTunes: click here


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