Girl Power – 2

Have you heard of the band called The Novelty?
They are an alternative rock, relatively new band recently started performing regularly in London/Essex area.

If I borrow the biography on their facebook page;
The Novelty are an alternative rock band from Essex, whose creative ambitions to bring a new wave of authenticity to the alternative rock scene begin right here, right now, with the release of their debut EP ‘One’.
The origins of the band were born out of the song-writing partnership between Joe Obuchowski (Guitar) and Jake Schneider (Guitar), who decided to put their back catalogue of song ideas to good use and form a band. After months of searching, advertising and auditioning they recruited Mike Barnes (Drums), Marc Bartholomew (Lead Vocals) and finally Ellie Brown (Bass Guitar).

Today’s Power is the bass player of The Novelty, Ellie Brown.
About a month ago, I watched their live video “Corona”. This was the first time I clearly noticed her strong presence.
I was hoping to see her on stage. Twice I planned to go to their gigs in the past, but my day job situation didn’t let me. Then Suddenly the opportunity came yesterday.
They were headlining the night (24 Oct 14) at Chinnerys in Southend-on-Sea, England, within commuting distance to London.
Off stage, she was a lot smaller than I imagined… as I have seen the videos. On stage, once the music started, somehow she looked taller and authoritative. She has never stopped moving while she was playing.
You would wonder where she stored that much energy in her tiny body. Fantastic to watch and hear Ellie the fabulous bass player!

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The Novelty bass player Ellie Brown on 24/10/14

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The live video “Corona – The Novelty LIVE @Barkingside Light Night” was filmed only two and a half months after their first ever gig. You know which one Ellie Brown is!

Also they made an acoustic version of this song, “Corona (Acoustic) – The Novelty” was uploaded onto YouTube 3 days ago. I rather like this. Check it out!

Publicly speaking, The Novelty is truly good live band. You really need to be there to witness.
I give my word, go and see them when they come near you!!

Check them on;

Check them out at:
Facebook –
Twitter – @TheNoveltyUK
Instagram – thenoveltyuk
BandCamp –
YouTube –


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