“YOUNG BLOODS” by Last Vendetta – New EP review

EP: YOUNG BLOODS by Last Vendetta
Genre: Pop Punk

Wales has produced some superb musicians/bands.
Is Last Vendetta going to be one of them?

Last Vendetta are the band I recently came across, here is what they are about;

Heavier than Pop-Punk and just as at home on a playlist with Tonight Alive and A Day to Remember, Last Vendetta are a band of opposites; often heavy and raw but always catchy and melodic, tugging on heartstrings with their tongues firmly in cheek. They effortlessly capture a nostalgic early noughties sound infused with their own unique, visceral style.
While Last Vendetta are new for 2014, their sound is the culmination of a musical friendship stretching back years. Having recently joined forced with independent label The Animal Farm.
Danny Sahota – Guitar & Vocals
Vinnie Fiera – Lead Guitar
Tom Williams – Bass & Vocals
Max James – Drums & Vocals

Today, their debut EP “Young Bloods” (The Animal Farm label), which contains 3 tracks, was released.

The first track is “Go F**k Yourself”, which is the shortest song in this EP. Almost without intro, a relatively high tone vocal begins with the wording from the song title. Because of the vocalist Danny’s voice, it does not sound as aggressive as the title would suggest; nice guitar riffs are noticeable. As the song goes to the second part, the drums become more exposed, then slows down with a slightly melancholic arrangement. It gradually moves to the final part of the song, which brings you back to the beginning with quality chorus this time round. Good choice for opening the EP.
The second track is “Waiting by the Water”. Appealing guitar section with punchy drumming at the intro. The vocal seems more alive with this song. Later on, the sounds get heavier just before we get a change of mood. This is an ideal Pop-Punk tune.
The third and the final track is the EP title song “Young Bloods”. It begins with a unique guitar tune, soon after it moves to catchy rhythms for the remaining intro. Seemingly this song focuses more on the vocals than other tracks. Towards the end of the song, it goes ♪We are all champions~ over and over again. This will be a good sing-along song when they perform live.
On the whole, the songs lyrically are what most of us would relate to. This EP “Young Bloods” is a nice introduction from the band, and I feel there are a lot more to come from them.

You can download the EP on iTunes from today (27/10/14).

Further more, they are going on tour on Halloween.
Find the dates and check them out;
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/LastVendetta/app_123966167614127
Twitter – https://twitter.com/LastVendetta @LastVendetta


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