Let’s watch the videos… my choice 2014

I would like to share with you the videos uploaded this year. In my blog, I don’t talk about the bands/musicians who are already very successful and what call BIG. So there are no BIG names, but they will be BIG or should be BIG in my opinion. 1. The Afterparty – When The Lights Go Out This is definitely cool video, but I still can’t work out the story. The video is showing their mature side – if you watch their other videos, you understand what I mean. 2. The Spin Live in Stockholm with Ricky Delin – I … Continue reading Let’s watch the videos… my choice 2014

Before choosing my best videos…

I mentioned that I would do my best video(s) kind blog. Before doing this, I want you to share the video which made me smile most. In July, my blog ended up doing “All At Sea Week”, around the time superb Essex band All At Sea released their official music video “Whole New World”. Today this video reached over 2600 views. Before releasing this video, they made another, the footage of filming the music video. The video “Behind The Scenes At All At Seas First Music Video Shoot” was uploaded onto YouTube in the end of April. Looking at the … Continue reading Before choosing my best videos…

Sometimes, Even Heroes Need Saving

I have mentioned the song “Even Heroes Need Saving” before. But today I really like to post it again. This song is the best thing happened to me all this year. I must have listened to it probably more than 100 times since March. I just like everything about it. A part of this everything, my favourite drummer Dan Vinnicombe’s drumming is so cool. Though the best song to hear his drumming is the another song “Silver Medal”. I made myself not to listen to this song for 4 days, but I couldn’t keep away any longer, I got back … Continue reading Sometimes, Even Heroes Need Saving


Sunny warm evening on Saturday in Essex, I am in the living room contributing my time here. One week on – quick recap of the gig on Friday 09/05/14. The venue – Asylum, Chelmsford I have heard the name and some bands I know have performed here. Someone told me that it only opened around December 2013, so it’s new to the city. I have never been before, and didn’t even know where it was until recently. It turned out to be very closed to the station. So here we went – then WOW, just wow. No words. Find out … Continue reading #WWL2014