Silenced By Shadows -Sticks And Stones


[Debut EP]
“Sticks And Stones” by Silenced By Shadows


Today I am sharing music from Silenced By Shadows. They are based in the east of England, Norwich. They are one of the most powerful metalcore bands in the region. I was lucky enough to see them live in March as they have been performing actively. They showed us what they were made of, how good their live performance could be, and the crowd went completely insane! You wouldn’t think that they were a band who released their debut EP only a few months ago.
They have shared the stage with some great bands including Create To Inspire, Road To Horizon and Falling Red. Silenced By Shadows are going to start their Summer 2015 UK Tour on the 10th of July. You can check the details below. This is going to be a tour you DO NOT WANT TO MISS!

01 SBS 2


Silenced By Shadows produced their debut EP “Sticks And Stones” containing three very strong tracks, which was released late October 2014.
1. Sticks And Stones – I feel this is the most meaningful of the three tracks for the band. As it is the EP title track, maybe it’s meant to be. The intro starts with slightly light guitar sounds with punchy drums, followed by heavier and quite straight forward metal riffs. Then at the 46th second to be precise, you hear unclean vocals which lead into clean vocals. There are also moments when the unclean vocals over-lay the clean vocals, which gives the vocal parts more depth. There are all sorts of elements in this tune, which makes this track very appealing.
2. Daystar – This is a very heavy track, and definitely the most aggressive one. Though it is the shortest song on the EP, it’s packed full of metalcore quality.
3. Point of Safe Return (PSR) –  This track is the slowest of the three. The intro is constructed superbly. Then, with a heavy sound, the song continues with an emotional and melancholic melody. It ends the EP perfectly.

YouTube “Sticks And Stones” single




01 SBS 4As mentioned above, Silenced By Shadows are going to start their UK Tour next week. Hope you can catch them on one of the dates;

10/07/15 Haven – Great Yarmouth, Norfolk
11/07/15 The Bridge – Shefford, Bedfordshire
12/07/15 Warehouse 23 – Wakefield, West Yorkshire
13/07/15 The PackHorse – Leeds, West Yorkshire
14/07/15 South Sea – Sheffield, South Yorkshire
15/07/15 The Asylum – Chelmsford, Essex
17/07/15 Open – Norwich, Norfolk


If you want to know more about Silenced By Shadows, click the links below;

Twitter: @SBSukband
Instagram: @SBSukband

01 SBS 3




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