The Brazen – Burn It Down



Artist: The Brazen
Single Title: Burn It Down
Release Date: 25th March 2016


Among the English cities, Leeds stands out due to its where is very active and varied music scene, which keeps producing fantastic bands. The Brazen are an up and coming five-piece band based in Leeds.

The Brazen was formed less than a year ago. As evidence of their experience and commitment, the band managed to record their debut album earlier this year. Their single “Burn It Down” is the first release from this forthcoming album as their official debut single.

“Burn It Down” is a mixture of britpop and indie rock sounds, with a slightly sentimental melody backed by authentic vocals.  You can say this track represents the band’s sound: soaring vocals, interweaving guitar riffs and pounding drums. This track is a perfect introduction to their music.

“Burn It Down” Teaser


Recently The Brazen’s frontman Ryan Hobbs took some time out of his busy schedule to be interviewed by us. Here it is;

First of all, can you introduce yourselves? Your names and your roles in the band?

Yes, of course…… We are The Brazen, I am Ryan, lead singer, we have Trevor Phillips on the bass guitar and backing vocals, Rob Clayton on lead/rhythm guitar, Matt Lucas on lead guitar and Adam Larner on drums.

Thank you. Could you tell us how you all met up and became a band?

The band was formed in late 2015. We had played as a group as a successful covers band Free Empire, and had previously written an original song, in tribute to a 15 month old boy Jayden Tullett, who past away from a heart condition, called From The Stars. Whilst the song wasn’t necessarily the type of song we do as The Brazen in terms of composition, it really stoked the creative juices, and it received a fair amount of press coverage due to the nature of the cause and because it is a good track.
We decided after that we would honour our rebooked commitments as Free Empire but would start writing tracks for our original project, however we had to rebrand as The Brazen to make it a credible venture.

So you were together even before The Brazen was formed. How did you decide on The Brazen as your band name?

Well we have a certain amount of humour and personality in the band, and after trying unsuccessfully to pick names for about a month I (Ryan) suggested the name The Brazen, after being called it by an ex-girlfriend. We checked it was unique, and it was, the lads all liked it, so it stuck!

I like that. Well, who are your influences? Does everyone listen to similar music and bands?

I think we are influenced by mainstream indie rock artist such as the Stereophonics, Kings of Leon and The Killers, but there are influences on individual tracks blending classic rock with indie & britpop. Influences ranging from The Rolling Stones, The Charlatans, The Who, Iggy Pop, The Stone Roses, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Kasabian.

How do you go about writing your songs?

It’s been interesting on this album, as we have wrote individually and then developed the ideas as a group, Trev, Rob and I have all contributed tracks to the album. I tend to develop the vocals and lyrics on songs, not all of them but this is something that does tend to happen. For the next album, we are going to try a more collaborative approach, and sit down as a band and write together, however sometimes the ideas just come to you! Which is also a good thing and won’t be eradicated.

Okay. Your new single “Burn It Down” is going to be released very soon. How do you describe this song?

We have a tendency to make every song as “big” as possible and I think “Burn It Down” has an atmospheric, anthemic feel to it, it was described in our Press Release as “the blueprint of the band’s sound – soaring vocals, interweaving guitar riffs and pounding drums” we quite liked that description so we will go with that!

Yes, I like that description too. I hear that you are planning to release an album following “Burn I Down”. You have uploaded three songs for streaming already. Are they all included in the album?

Yes, the songs we have out there currently are going to be on the album, and we will be officially releasing at least 2 more singles from the album.

Could you tell us about the album a little more?

We would love to! As yet it is unnamed, but it is completely recorded and is currently being mixed and mastered. It’s a really exciting time for us, and we are truly proud of all 12 songs on it, there is something for everybody, very upbeat, but still true to our sound. I don’t think we are specific to a genre in the sense that the tracks are unique in their own right, but we do love a big anthem, big vocals, harmonies, guitar solos wherever possible, we like to go big!! It is out on the 13th of May and we can’t wait.

Looking forward to hearing it! Will it be just released digitally?

We will be releasing the album digitally and on CD, and it is quite likely that we will release some limited edition vinyl too.

Awesome! I must pre-order it myself! Do you have a special show planned for the album release?

We have a three date album launch, in Leeds at Milo on 27th May 2016, we will be supported by Black Sonic Revolver, The Dangerhounds and Edgar Duke. In Sheffield at Maida Vale, on 3rd June 2016, with support from The Rook and then to round it off a gig in Birmingham at the Actress & Bishop on 27th July 2016, supported by Black Sonic Revolver, The Rook and Red Already!! Tickets are on sale now so people can drop us a line!

It sounds super. Every show seems to be quite a party. Is there anything you would like to say?

Hopefully we will have some high profile radio airplay very soon and we would just like to say thank you for the opportunity to chat to you guys and encourage people to follow us on twitter and Facebook to hear our announcements that will be coming up soon!

We can’t wait to listen to your album! Thank you for your time, and good luck! 


[Preview] Special Edition by The Brazen – You can listen to the song here; Burn It Down


The Brazen have been tearing up venues around Leeds and picking up fans at every gig. With a string of sold out shows and a performance at Elland Road (a football stadium and the home of Leeds United FC) already under their belt, 2016 will be a great year for The Brazen.
Since the interview, they have announced some additional shows. If they come to a venue near you, I recommend you to go and see them.
1 April: Birmingham – The Rainbow
12 May: London – Dublin Castle
27 May: Leeds – Milo
3 June: Sheffield – Maida Vale
23 July: Birmingham – Actress & Bishop

Their debut album was recorded with talented producer Ed Heaton (production credits include Jon Gomm, Fold, Ellen & The Escapades and more), and is set to be released on 13th May. The Brazen are definitely a band you should check out!


01 brazen
To find out more about The Brazen, visit their sites using the links below;

Official Website:



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