St. Buryan – “Shout” new single


St. Buryan
Single: Shout
Release Date: 4th April 2018

Hailing from the north of England, Newcastle and Sunderland, the up and coming indie band St. Buryan have just released their latest single Shout. This song is the fourth single they have officially released. Their first 2 songs are catchy indie-pop, sending some happy vibes straight towards you, which I enjoyed very much. Shout and the last single Forget To Love are quite different to the previous songs. If you have listened to Forget To Love, you would want to find out how the quintet were moving forward as the band show even more ability in their songwriting. With Shout, they don’t disappoint you. From dreamy intro with the guitar to the climax at the end, this ballad type song is melancholic and expresses this emotion superbly.

Just after the release, we asked them to talk to us about the song, their songwriting, the band and everything. You can find it further below on this page.


Even with short notice, the lead vocalist Ben Mackett from the band kindly took some time out of his busy schedule to be interviewed by me. Here it is;

Hello! Thanks to talk to us today! Who are we having here?

Hello! I’m Ben, I sing for St. Buryan. Or at least I do my best to!

Thanks Ben. First of all, you have just released the new single ‘Shout’. How would you describe this song?

It’s our best attempt at mainstream pop, with a hint of romantic film aesthetic. Other than that, it’s just a pleasant sing-along tune!

I believe it’s available for streaming right now. Where can we find the song for downloading?

You can find it everywhere! Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud etc.

Great! How do you normally go about writing your songs?

We have absolutely no structure towards writing songs which is both a blessing and a curse. It definitely gives us a variation in our tracks, but also makes it a little harder to churn material out.

Okay. Can you just talk trough how you all met and became a band?

Four of us, myself, Callum, Dan and Rhys all met at high school, and we formed the band in sixth form. I met Nathan at college, and he joined soon after.

Nice to know that you’ve been friends for a long time to do something you like together. How did you decide on St. Buryan as your band name?

It was actually a low-effort decision, none of us wanted to clash and make a big deal out of it. Rhys came up with ‘St. Buryan’, as it was something familiar to us, and we all stuck with it.

I find it quite unusual for a band’s name and will never forget once you hear it! So I say, well done! Who are your influences? Does everyone in your band listen to similar music or musicians?

We all listen to different music, but when we bring the influences together, it works well. My own influences mostly include pop and pop-punk, but I listen to and incorporate a lot of different stuff into our songs.

I see. Well, have you had a special show for this release?

We haven’t, actually! That is unusual for us. But maybe we’ll have something put together for the future…

What should we gig goers expect from your live shows?

You can expect a fun, “loose” time. Nothing too serious, none of us have serious personalities and it shows on stage. But we still strive to give the audience a pleasant night, obviously!

Nice! You have released 3 songs before ‘Shout’. Are we expecting an EP or album following this single?

You can expect an EP, but not one that includes any of the four singles. We’ll reveal more on that soon!

What is coming from St. Buryan next?

Probably more of the same, as it seems to be working alright for us! Some more releases, and a few more gigs. Nothing is set in stone just yet though.

I’m looking forward to anything you will show us! Is there anything else you would like to say?

I WOULD like to say thank you for taking the time to ask us some lovely questions, and to everyone reading this for their interest in us and our music.

Thank you for your time! Good luck!


You can listen to their newly released White Noise EP here, which they talk about the story on their facebook page.

St buryan live (2)St. Buryan are - 
Ben Mackett (lead vocals) 
Callum Palmer (lead guitar) 
Daniel Jordan (bass) 
Nathan Gooch (guitar, keys and vocals) 
Rhys Melhuish (drums and percussion)


Upcoming Live Dates
May 24 · Independent, Sunderland w/ Cohesion + Picnic Event Page – click here
June 9 · Evolution Emerging Festival, Newcastle w/ The Pale White, Cape Cub + more Event Page – click here

Photo Credit: Jay Dawson


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