The Blend – Back To Business (new video)


The Blend will be screening their new music video for “Back To Business”


The Blend from the south of England is a young rock band that keeps creating their music which is foot-tapping and edgy but makes sense lyrically. They can be very quiet for a long time, and it means that the band is up to something. Then they suddenly announce a new project with a surprise like a storm. We heard a rather exciting news that The Blend were filming a new music video good a few months ago. And it’s finally here.

‘Back To Business’ is more of an ‘indie’ sound compared to what they have done before, and it was recorded at Pete Townshend’s place. The sound is less edgy than their previous release, though definitely the best work they’ve ever done. I anticipate the song will be enjoyed by even wider listeners. The song’s official release won’t be a long after the screening.

Their new music video is a British gangster themed, written and directed by Carol Harrison (please research Carol – who has been in Eastenders and many other things). The band has been lucky enough to have a very good relationship with her, and her support has been fantastic for this project. They wouldn’t have been able to do this one without her. Dylan and the boys have mentioned before that Carol Harrison has been very supportive of their music, and that she has been fantastic with helping to put their new video together. Here is one of still photos from the video.

the blend - carol 2

The brand new video features Alan Ford (Brick Top from Snatch) and they will be screening it at their showcase in Soho on Tuesday 18th September. The photo here is that Alan stood in front of a ‘Back To Business artwork poster’ from the new video.

the blend - video 2
The Blend will play two gigs this week! On Tuesday (18/9/18), they are going to be in Soho launching this new record ‘Back To Business’, which they will be screening a new music video as mentioned earlier and for invitations only. Then, on Thursday night (20/9/18), the band are playing at Nambucca – North London. I hope you get there early.
Click here for the event page

the blend live


the blend logo

The Blend are -
Dylan Smith - Guitar & Vocals 
Freddie Smith - Keyboards 
Francis Whitley - Drums
Ethan Harris - Bass


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