Centrilia – In The Name Of Nothing (new album)


Black Art, a man in a black suit, tied head, loneliness, depress


New Album: In The Name Of Nothing
Release Date: 28.06.2019



“In The Name Of Nothing” is the new album and third release by Glaswegian metal lads Centrilia. Recorded by Steven Jones (Bleed From Within/ From Sorrow To Serenity) and mixed by Terry Date (Slayer, Pantera, all around sick dude).

The first track Symptoms Of Betrayal starts with as a solid build into the bands statement of intent for the remainder of this album at a pace that does not let up throughout alluding to clean vocals coming in which adds a flair right at the end of the song which piqued my interest as the track came to a close. The next two track Splitting Hairs Spitting Teeth (the first single released from this album) and Imposters did not really do much for me, in a sense of anything I haven’t heard before, although at points in Imposters the vocals did give me a throwback to 90’s nu-metal; think Mudvayne and the like which added a much-needed flair.

Track four; The Fool On The Hill began an ascent showing what this band are truly capable of with additional instrumental layers and vocal techniques that really drew my interest in, and I honestly think this is my favourite song on this album.

In The Name Of Nothing started off all clean before breaking back into the pace established in every track so far added a much needed dynamic shift which features during this song injecting a breath of something different into this album.

Those Possessed By Devils; I don’t have much to say here apart from riffs with harmonics in are sick and the line “make hypocrisy great again” is definitely going to end up on a t-shirt (I’ll take 10% for that idea) and it did give me a giggle that a band from Scotland are singing about the state of current affairs inspired by an American politician when I’m still waiting for someone to write a song about Boris Johnson or Brexit.

The second to last track Let The Fire Burn opens with a sample I can’t say I’ve ever heard before of a man talking about making a better life. The song going into a build up after the familiar fast-paced start just to go back to being fast-paced appears twice during this song and doesn’t really cover any new ground that I haven’t spoken about already.

Closing the album with Tamam Shud, which I can only describe as a metal ballad, is a solid way to round off this album for it brings together all the high points this band are capable of.

To conclude, this is a solid album containing anything you would want from a metal band that pushes a few boundaries here and there by delving into softer sections and clean vocals, but not enough to make you stop and think about it. Though it shows the ideas are there waiting to be fully realised. I give In The Name Of Nothing a 6.5/10. If the band have chucked a few meaty sub drops in, it would be a 7.

 –  Stephen Bond (Wolves Don’t Sleep)


In The Name Of Nothing Tracklist:
1. Symptoms of Betrayal
2. Splitting Hairs / Spitting Teeth
3. Imposters
4. Fool on the Hill
5. In the Name of Nothing
6. Those Possessed by Devils
7. Let the Fire Burn
8. Tamam Shud

For fans of: Machine Head, Lamb Of God, Pantera


Upcoming Shows 2019
20 July – GLASGOW – Barrowland 2
27 July – PERTH, Smashed Fest II
27 Sept – GLASGOW, Nice N’ Sleazy (w/ Krysthla)


Useful Links
Official Website: https://centrilia.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Centrilia/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/centrilia_/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/centrilia
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/25DA38eh4VnhAwLo8fe1Bd?si=2iAZyyfwSxyyfytQXh9s5w
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/centrilia/videos





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