Kilonova release “Omnicide” (debut EP)



Debut EP: Omnicide
Release Date: 12 July 2019


Hailing from Newcastle upon Tyne, the new Brit riff-slingers Kilonova were formed in 2018, and their second live appearance occurred at Bloodstock Open Air Metal 2 The Masses. The band flourished throughout the whole competition and were selected to perform at Bloodstock 2018.

Omnicide“, the debut EP from Northeastern thrasher Kilonova is a solid debut from the get-go. The opening track ‘Descent’ is an atmospheric and instrumental buildup and is perfect for a walk on track for a live set. And the track drops into the second track ‘Straight To Hell’ that serves up a solid slab of old school thrash which builds quickly before screaming off at a pace that does not relent with the vocalist Ellen’s vocals cutting through the mix that gives off a truly aggressive edge. This trend continues into the next track ‘Hang The Hangman’, although nothing groundbreaking takes place over the first part of this EP, you have to admire the raw ferocity that comes at you and holds your attention.

‘Own Enemy’ takes a turn that I honestly did not expect with the addition of clean vocals that come and go throughout the track really adding to the dynamics along with a slower tempo compared to the start of the EP which shows the overall range of the band as they delve into what you would describe catchier songs. It will be stuck in your head which builds into full momentum with ‘Blood In The Water’ which has the best chorus on this EP along with being the longest song doubling track time allowing the instrumentals to really shine through all the twists and turns this song has to offer.

‘Ivory Tower’ closes the EP just as it began back up to full pace which rounds off the EP nicely by not letting you forget what Kilonova are truly capable of.

For a debut EP, this is top quality and hope to catch these guys live in the future to experience how the tracks translate live. “Omnicide”: 7/10, and I look forward to more in the future.

 –  Stephen Bond (Wolves Don’t Sleep)


The bassist, Joe Bambrick talks about this EP, “Omnicide is a mission statement for Kilonova. It’s a dark, raucous picture of who we are as artists. Going into the recording process we wanted the sound to be as true to our live energy as possible, and I think that really comes through. It’s a dirty, chaotic sound that grabs you by the throat and forces you to pay attention”.

kilonova logoKilonova are - 
Ellen Hill : Vocals
Steve Rouse : Drums
Joe Bambrick : Bass
Jonny Sloan : Guitar


FOR FANS OF: Metallica, Gojira, In This Moment, Avenged Sevenfold



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