James Burrage release “Somehow” (new single)



James Burrage profile pic promo

James Burrage
New Single: Somehow
Release Date: 30 June 2019



It has been quite sometime since James Burrage released any music as a solo artist. As a talented Essex singer and a songwriter, he has been working on his music with other skilled young musicians as the band The Hemingways since the release of his solo debut EP “Pure Gold” in 2016.

“Somehow” is a mid tempo electro-pop song, which James sings flawlessly. When a singer hasn’t released new music for a while, you wouldn’t know what to expect, and you still have his previous sound in your mind. And this time it is very likely the case. Now, he still has his distinctive vocal style but there is not as many bluesy vibes as I remember. The song is polished and his voice is relaxed, yet authentic. The melodies naturally sink into you and you can’t resist your body moving. “Somehow” is one of  the best songs to listen to this Summer.


Listen here:




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