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Brain Ape
New Video: Stop Sulking
New Single from album Auslander


‘Stop Sulking’  is the third and final single from the album ‘Auslander’ by London Scratch Rock band Brain Ape. This single was released on the day before the band performed their release show at the Dublin Castle, Camden, as part of a short UK tour supporting the single’s release. You can imagine how excited they were.

Through the lens, they express some frustration and struggle from the life you are facing, and the trio demonstrate the icy wall of noise of ‘Stop Sulking’ as something you relate to.


Music Matters asked the band to talk to us for this occasion of the video release. Just after the release, they kindly took great deal of their time off and talked to us about the song, the video, their new video launch mini tour and everything else in depth. Here it is;

Hi Brain Ape! Great to have you again! It’s been ages since we spoke to you, even though we spoke to Minky about Scratch Rock Records recently. Last time was when you were releasing the live DVD. How have you been as a band?

Sol: Yeah, pretty solid.

Minky: We’ve just released a new music video, which we’re pretty happy about.

Sol: We’re very happy that people can finally check it out.

You have just released the video for the single “Stop Sulking”. Could you describe this song?

Minky: This single is really representative of what’s on Auslander.

Jamie: It’s very moody.

Minky: We’re always moody. Moody and broody.

Sol: Always.

Minky: Stop Sulking is a fairly good snapshot of what the band has been like for the last couple of years. The band has changed a lot since our first album, and this track is very good in pinpointing what the band now sounds like.

Jamie: It’s quite aggressive. It’s got a lot of energy to it.

Minky: And yet it has a sweet spot.

What made you to decide to release a video?

Minky: We worked with Nuri Moseinco for the DVD that we released last year, and we were thoroughly impressed with his professional attitude and the results he gets. His eye for cinematography is great. He’s got an innate talent for it. And to top that all off, he’s a really nice dude. So when the band sat down and decided to make a video for Stop Sulking, it was a complete no-brainer to ask him if he wanted to be involved. And when he said yes, he got stuck in straight away. We all sat down as a band with him and brainstormed ideas. It was important for everyone to be on the same page, because for us this was an important video to make. It’s the last single from Auslander, so it’s going to colour people’s impressions of the album. We wanted to make sure we got it right.

How much did the meaning of the song have an input into this video production?

Sol: I think the lyrics made the entire music video, really.

Jamie: But the hook isn’t in the vocals. For me it’s in the guitar riff, and the bass and drums locking in for a tight rhythm section. It’s what sets the tone.

Sol: True. But then I think the lyrics are what made us pursue the path of what the music video ended up looking like. The straightjacket, for example. There are a lot of references in the song about ‘not wanting to play’.

Minky: Not wanting to play along with what’s going on around you.

Sol: Exactly. Being in a straightjacket represents that vibe. That’s where the hook and the vibe are.

Minky: In general, the lyrics are ambiguous enough that they can be applied to a vast number of situations where one isn’t happy with authoritarianism. And that’s from small scale examples like disagreeing with someone who’s supposedly in charge, all the way up to large scale examples like political and dictatorial oppression.

Jamie: It can even apply to your mental state.

Minky: Oh yeah, for sure. The lyrics can be applied to a multitude of scenarios, and yet still resonate. That’s what the music video is supposed to portray. It’s not necessarily about an argument between two people. It could be a whole myriad of different issues.

What is your message through the song and the video?

Minky: Be safe. Be happy.

Sol: Fight the power.

Minky: Tear shit up. Build shit that’s worth having.

Okay, you had a mini tour that happened right after the release. Let’s talk about it!

Jamie: It was really sweet.

Sol: We got to play in places where we’d never played before. We were really excited to play up north.

Minky: And we got to play places that we have played before. What’s not to love?

Sol: Playing on four hours of sleep was great.

Minky: Jamie’s actually from the north.

Sol: The north of England is a place that has so much musical history and culture, that we were really excited to go and experience that. Less excited about Coronation Street, though.

Minky: Sooty lived in Manchester. He ran a shop there. But the north wasn’t the only place that we experienced as a band for the first time on this tour. Exeter was new to us, too. It was a really sick show.

Sol: It was really good there. Lots of students who were really up for it.

Two year ago, I asked you what we should expect from your live shows. Minky
answered you are very loud and Sol answered depravity. Has anything changed?

Sol: Nope. And we’re very proud of that fact.

Minky: We’re still loud and depraved.

Sol: We’re just older now.

Minky: Not wiser, unfortunately. We’re older and stuck in a rut.

Sol: No we’re not. But depraved is still a solid answer.

Minky: We still deliver the same sort of energy and unpredictability.

Sol: There definitely is an element of unpredictability at our shows.

Minky: Anything can happen. But to understand the tour we just did, you need to understand the context. The setlist on the road this time included a lot of tunes from our first album, and it was the last time we are ever going to play those tracks. We’ve had a lot of fun playing tunes like ‘Rig It’, but those songs have been with us for so long and we’ve somewhat been delivering the same show for a little while now. We’re ready to move on. So we played those tracks as a farewell to them
while the going was still good, while we were still having a lot of fun playing them, and while people were still enjoying them. Those tracks require a lot of energy, ’freshness’, and unpredictability, so we wanted the last time to be a high rather than a low. Now we can move on to some new stuff.

Jamie: For me, it was actually the first time I’d played some of the songs from the first album. That album has some different colours, which Auslander doesn’t have. They’re two very distinct albums.

Minky: Yeah, which was nice. We changed a fair few things around to suit our sound of today.

Sol: Every setlist for almost every show is different at a Brain Ape gig. It’s what makes going on the road interesting. Minky takes full credit for us being unpredictable, by the way.

Minky: I’m hugely predictable in that respect.

Jamie: But the shows are a lot of fun. What more do you want?

Minky: Lots of money. I want lots of money.

Sol: We all want lots of money.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

Sol: Thank you to all the people who came to a Brain Ape show during the tour. Was really great to meet you. And if you haven’t already, go watch our new music video for Stop Sulking on YouTube and join the Shrewd.

Minky: The Shrewd is a funky new Facebook group we’ve put together because Facebook really likes fucking with algorithms. So if you’re on Facebook at all, join our Shrewd. It’s literally called The Shrewd. You can’t miss it.

Sol: You get exclusive deals on merch and stuff.

Minky: We’ve got some groovy t-shirts that are about to sell-out, and we’re not making them again. So if you want one, you’d better get on it.

Jamie: There’s only a few left.

Minky: Only something like twelve of them.

Jamie: There are different colours, too!

Thank you for your time! Good luck!

Sol: Thanks.

Jamie: Thank you.


Listen to “Stop Sulking” via Spotify


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