Mutant-Thoughts release “Unwanted Song” (new single)


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New Single/Video: Unwanted Song



Hailing from Bristol, Mutant-Thoughts are a three piece alt-rock band. Since their debut in 2015, the band have been fusing their unique sound with Latin influenced grooves and pop sensibilities.

The trio has just returned to the scene with their new single Unwanted Song which was released on 15th May, and followed by the music video 3 days later. The song begins with jumpy drums, then somewhat mysterious synths join in with funky guitars. Most noticeably the synth makes the melody with a feel of a 60’s space TV drama. When the atmospheric vocals accompany the music, the mood becomes oppressive. I do not know how they wrote this song, but the lyrics which are about the current political and social issues are perfectly expressed in this musical story. In my opinion, Unwanted Song is the best song the band have ever crafted and performed. I am sure there is more to come from Mutant-Thoughts, and I am looking forward to hearing more. 

The band will be donating the profits from sales of the track on Bandcamp to NHS Charities Together to support the fight against COVID-19.


Unwanted Song (Lyrics)
Unconcerned legions
Blithely feed their parasites
Sacrificed limbs In silver tins from conquered lands
Host-less they fear To disappear, to fall apart
Dissected grins Infected links
To wrongs abroad Inside
Deceit and lies
A crack on the glass
A stain on the dress
The withering roses
Decide who’s to blame
Inside Deceit and lies
Give it time Mutant_Thoughts_13
Deceit and lies
A crack on the glass
A stain on the dress
The withering roses
Decide who’s to blame
The withering roses
Always decide who’s to blame


Mutant-Thoughts are –
Han Luis Cera: Vocals/Synths
Joshua Lennox-Hilton: Bass/Backing Vocals
Ollie Medlow: Drums


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