Horizons – “Bury Me” (new single)


Bury me Final + border (1)
Single: Bury Me
Release: 22nd May 2020


Bury Me is the new single from Scottish Melodic Hardcore band Horizons. Released on 22nd May, it’s the follow up 2019’s single Sickness & Death, both singles feature a lineup change from 2018’s debut EP ‘Pathfinder’.

The song starts with the sound of drumsticks tapping on a surface before the single melodic distorted guitar starts to build into the song. Once the whole band kicks in, the song brings a fast pace and great energy, which fills you with excitement.

The overall feel of the song is really upbeat, a nice happy sound to the guitars balanced well with the screaming of vocalist Scott Forwell. It feels a bit like you’re standing at a cliff edge screaming into the wind, at least that’s how I imagine the video might look in my head. I think my favourite part of the song is the chorus. From the hustle and bustle of the verses, the song is brought back a step giving you a moment to recover in time to scream along with the catchy hook line ‘why won’t you bury me bury me’. I can definitely imagine being a few beers down, getting sweaty while jumping about to this song before throwing your arms up in the air to scream the chorus.

Bury Me is a really good song from Horizons, one which I imagine, will become part of a forthcoming EP or even an album. Personally I would like to hear some clean vocals to break the song up a bit more, but that may just be me as I’m a big fan of screaming v singing. Don’t let that take anything away from this song though, it’s got a great energy and is a really good listen! I feel this is their promise to bring you some more bangers near future. Make sure to keep your eyes on them!

–  Chris Brain

Click the link to HORIZONS official site to listen to Bury Me and watch the full lyric video:

F.F.O.: Counterparts, Defeater and Northlane


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