USA Pop Punk – Failure Meets Fame


Recently I’ve come a cross to Failure Meets Fame, the young pop punk band from Minnesota, USA.
They brought me a very fresh sound with their latest song “Lights”.


Failure Meets Fame were founded in 2012 with a singer/guitarist James Benincasa, and a drummer Jon Brenner. When they recruited a lead guitarist, they began practicing as a band. After playing a few shows, they realized they needed a bassist (funny!), their good friend Garth Calkwood joined as a bassist.
In the summer of 2013, they finally entered the studio Roosevelt Recordings and recorded their 5 song debut EP “First Impressions”.
Even though playing many county fairs and the battle of the bands, Failure Meets Fame began struggling to stay afloat as a pop punk band in the huge Minnesota metal scene. With their effort, soon they started gaining exposure and were able to book shows with better known bands. Failure Meets Fame have opened shows for many successful bands including The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, Disciple, Late Nite Reading, This Is All Now, 7 Minutes In Heaven, and The Picture Perfect.
When Garth switched his part from bass to lead guitar, Failure Meets Fame added Logan Rieger as their new bassist, and launched re-imaging themselves as a professional band.
I hope that we see Failure Meets Fame going as far as we can imagine.

FMF 6      FMF 4

Failure Meets Fame
Vocals: James Benincass
Guitar: Garth Calkwood
Guitar: Jace Orak
Bass: Ben Mayer
Drums: Jon Brenner

Failure Meets Fame‘s debut EP “First Impressions” and the latest single “Lights” are available via BandCamp.

If you want to know more about Failure Meets Fame, you can click the links below;

Twitter –  @FMFofficialBand
Facebook –
ReverbNation –
BandCamp –

*** All photos used are from Failure Meets Fame facebook page.



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