From The Cave – New Release


Debut EP: From The Cave
Artist: From The Cave
Release Date: 29th April 2016


This London based 5 piece rock band From The Cave have a distinctive sound with layers of harmonised vocals, clean guitars and keyboards. Don’t be fooled though, they have plenty of dynamic range from soulful piano and vocal to guitar driven raucous punk style pieces that will get you jumping.

The first time I heard of the Band was when I listened to their second single ’Trains’ just last week. It grabbed me immediately and after listening to the whole EP I have quickly become a fan. Their Self-titled EP launched at Surya London on the 29th April and consists of 5 tracks. Recorded and produced over a period of four months, the tracks have been a staple of their regular live shows during 2015 and early 2016.

1: Night Hawk
A great opener to the EP, it’s a slightly heavier track with plenty of chunky chuck riffs and fresh sounding vocals. You’ll soon find yourself tapping along and joining in the chorus, I know I did. The lyrics are about finding a place in the world and understanding one’s own identity. This was the band’s first single, released on 10th March 2016.


2: Television
A retro sounding pop rock piece that is all about the funky guitar riffs and bouncing bass. Commenting on current society and it’s detachment from reality where life is lived through media, from the escape offered through videogames to the impartiality and desensitising of news delivered through the television screen.

3: Live Your Life
Distorted guitar and frantic drums are a big feature of this punk inspired track that you just can’t help but start bouncing too. Discussing the frailties of life and the need to live your life while you have the chance, I can see this being a firm favourite of the bands followers and it’s certainly my favourite track of the EP.

4: Trains
A soulful vocal and keyboard track with minimal drums and guitar. This track stands out from the rest as something quite different and was the band’s second single, released 7nd April. Dealing, as it does, with death and loss this atmospheric track will soon grow on you and is perfect for those moments of reflection and tranquillity.


5: Hope
Opening with a wailing guitar echoing in the abyss followed by galloping percussion I really like the dynamics of this track. Ranging from single vocal and piano, Vocal and bass drum to the full accompaniment of all five members. Hope is about the uncertainty of the future and what life might bring.

The band have 5 upcoming London dates as part of the EP launch and digital downloads or limited print physical copies are available from their bandcamp website.



From The Cave are:

Josh Vocals/Guitar
Mikaela Vocals
Johan Vocals/Bass and Programming
Douglas Drums/Percussion
Kristian Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards and Programming


Marcus Halsey


To find out more about From The Cave, visit their sites using the links below;
Official Website:



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