The Taboos – “Innovative Thinking” (new single)


The Taboos
Single: Innovative Thinking
Release: 3rd July 2020


London based indie/alternative rock band The Taboos formed in 2018, and have been making waves since they started releasing their music along playing live regularly which includes supporting big names several times.

Innovate Thinking is The Taboos‘ fourth single. The song starts gently. There is no intro, it just kicks off with the vocal straight away. Not soon after the backing vocals joins in accompanied by the light guitar sound, which helps to build up well what is going to follow.  All the way through, the guitar provides appealing melodies and the bass and drums give a further boost while the vocal express a slightly dark emotion.  The trio seem to have challenged their own songwriting, and this attractive song is evidence that the band succeeded.




Recently The Taboos took their time for answering our interview, which helps you to know more about the band and the new single Innovate Thinking.

Hello! Thanks to talk to us today! Who are we having here?

Hi, I’m Alex, I’m the lead vocalist and guitarist
I’m Sam, the bassist , backing vocals and synth.

First of all, you are just about to release the new single ‘Innovative Thinking’. How would you describe this song?

The track explores a new experimental realm for us, whilst sitting very comfortably in line with its predecessors. ‘Innovative Thinking’ has a mixture of expressive layered vocal harmonies, resonating and relatable lyrics, an ocean of dynamic guitar tones and of course… Naughty. Slick. Beats.

The lyrics delve into the challenges of modern technologies and how humanity’s reliance on it allows it control our existence. It demonstrates the idea that human emotion is decreasing, turning our individual life experiences somewhat robotic, alluding to the idea of a transformation into being a mere source of information, as opposed to an emotive being.

How do you normally go about writing your songs? Was ‘Innovate Thinking’ written in a similar way?

There is a myriad of different processes. Sometimes I (Sam) will have some random lyrics written down or Alex will write a guitar riff and send it over to me. Most of the writing, particularly at the minute, is being done using the internet.

The consistent thing really is that Alex forms the body of music and melody, whether he is starting out on bass, electric guitar, vocal melody or using software and I provide him with a page of lyrics for him to manoeuvre into the song. Innovative Thinking was written in a lyrics first basis, I had an idea I wanted to develop so gave it to Alex to see what he could do. I originally imagined the song as a Ballard but I love what Alex did with it.

How are the lyrics important to your songs?

I always make sure I have a strong emotional connection with the lyrics, although not all are immediately personal and literal on my experiences, they have drawn inspiration from moments throughout my life and what I have absorbed from the world around me. We have been writing a lot of material throughout lockdown and I can say some of that stuff is definitely more personal of my mental state and it’s nice to open up in the songs.

Who are your influences? Does everyone in your band listen to similar music or musicians?

We both have similar tastes, but they also manage to branch of into different areas which really helps when writing songs. At the core we both have a love of indie and grew up together listening to bands such as Arctic Monkeys and The Libertines, learning all of their songs. I also take great inspiration from people like Dylan and Conor Oberst, whereas Alex has a particular fondness of the world of pop at the minute, but it really varies. We both appreciate so many styles of music which makes it exciting. It blends really well to make up our sound and hopefully makes us less one-dimensional.

We’ve actually put together a little Spotify playlist recently, which contains some tracks we’ve been listening to lately and includes a few artists that we’ve been lucky enough to play alongside and befriend over the years.  You can check it out!Click here

How are you coping without any live shows for a long time?

It’s been very tough, both of us love getting up on stage and playing to a crowd of people, it’s so nice to feel that bond with your fans. However, it has given us the opportunity to write a tonne of new music and get it all ready for when we eventually get to go back out there and play.

What should we gig goers expect from your live shows?

Energy and passion. We love to give it our all even if that means getting very sweaty or causing yourself physical damage by getting so into it. We also like to keep things tight though.

With our set lists we try to make it dynamic, so we can show that we don’t just basically re-write the same song over and over. We’ve also been told we are very loud too so maybe that’s something to expect.

Your band has changed the name, was it early 2018? How did you decide on The Taboos as your band name?

It was October 2018 we decided to rebrand and change our name ready for the release of our debut single ‘Criminal’. I would love for there to be an interesting story behind the choice in name, but all that happened was Alex came up with the name in the car at a moment of inspiration and I liked the sound of it, so we went with it.

We knew we were going to change our name at some point, so Alex has an endless list of potential band names on a notes page in his phone, which still gets frequently updated. There are some howlers on there. I always insisted on a band name with ‘The’.

Is there anything else you would like to say?

Just thank you for having us and we look forward to bombarding you all with new music and eventually live music again, one day.

For updates, you can check our socials, links to all of them are on our website, and any questions you can reach out to us via email

Thank you guys! Good luck with Innovative Thinking!



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